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AIFINAI’s purpose will be to explore the development and impact of AI on the financial sector through publications.

The ecosystem of the financial sector is evolving, and the implementation of efficient digital strategy is crucial for the survival of companies.

In AIFINAI, we will be covering topics which will help in shaping the banking world of tomorrow.

So stay tuned, more will be coming, and I am truly looking forward to our exchange of thoughts and ideas.

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If you have any questions, I will be delighted to connect:


I consider myself to wear two hats: as a member of the AI community and a member of the Financial community.


  • My academic background is in Mathematics and Sciences. I have an MSc. in Computing and DESS in A.I. and Databases from the University of Dijon, and an MSc. in Formal Methods and the Security of Systems from Royal Holloway, University of London.

  • I have more than 15 years in the financial sector, mainly working for investment banks in fields such as Risk Management, Product Control and Technology in Trading Applications.

  • I am a strategist and specialist on Innovation for the Financial Sector.

  • I a member of committees such as: BCS (British Computer Society) AI Specialist group and BCS Women Committee. I am an expert of the IET (Institute of Engineering and Technology) Digital Panel.

  • I am a Fellow of the RSA (Royal Society of Arts), exceptional institution which looks at the impact of innovation on our society and evaluates its impact.

  • I am a panel member for one of the UK universities’ Industry/ Academy panel, which aims to advise on the skills required for the future workforce.


  • I am passionate about the United Nations Sustainable goals, and driven by empowering youth and women, especially in finance and technology and pioneer many activities in these areas: a VISIO conference with NASA for the World Youth Congress in 2004 to enable participants experience the intricacies of robot navigation and the exploration of Mars.

  • I am the organiser of the International Machine Intelligence Competition, run by the S.G.A.I.

  • I provided lectures and workshops on AI for the general public.


  • I am a speaker in national and international conferences: Bloomberg, United Nations, Capital Market Innovation Summit, Insight Speaker for the 2019 Turing Lecture.


  • I write many articles related to the impact of AI on the financial sector and I am delighted to be currently writing my first book on the impact and education of AI.

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